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Our program consists of 22 sessions divided into three levels. Your first appointment is to obtain your “Fundamental Frequency,” also known as biotone. Once you have this, you’ll enter the wave stream and receive a custom brainwave entrainment track designed to help retrain your stress management center and return it to homeostasis. You’ll return to our state-of-the-art facility every two to three weeks to receive a new track and take it home for daily listening.

For those participating in remote sessions, we offer remote tracks, and for those who prefer to come in, we have our Neuroacoustic® Sound Chair available for your daily biotone sessions.

$225 | Biotone Collection (60-90 Min)

$85 | Remote Track

$149 | Bio Tuning® Session (60 Min)

$59| Biotone Session (30 Min)



Are you struggling to get enough sleep at night? Maybe you just got off a long flight, and need a power nap, or you’re looking for a bit of pain relief or recovery after a successful round at the gym.

Here we offer a variety of generic sound protocols on our Neuroacoustic® Sound Chair, providing a vibrational experience using brainwave entrainment made exclusively by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, targeting each major brainwave state for 20 minutes.

$39 | Gamma (35-95 Hz)

Benefits: Learning, Concentration, Meditation

$39 | Beta (13-35 Hz)

Benefits: Energy, Focus, Alertness, Clear Thinking

$39 | Alpha (8-13 Hz)

Benefits: Creativity, Flow State, Focus

$39 | Theta (4-8 Hz)

Benefits: Emotions, Intuition, Dreaming, Meditation

$39 | Delta (0.5-4 Hz)

Benefits: Pain Relief, Healing, Deep Sleep

$39 | Default Mode Network (0.1-0.05 Hz)

Benefits: Cognition, Introspection, Memory